The aesthetic of wood fired pottery is quite different from that of the gas-fired tableware. The subtle and random effects of the ash call for different forms. My wood-fired pieces are fired in a traditional Anagama kiln.

I had my first experience firing with wood about eight years ago when I began attending firings in Elkton, Oregon at Hiroshi Ogawa’s kiln, Hikarigama. The camaraderie of working with other potters to load and fire the kiln over the course of several days was exciting, mysterious and addictive.

Coming from a background of over twenty years as a studio potter using only gas to fire my kilns, firing with wood and soda has presented many changes and challenges.  Atmospheric firing is unpredictable, the effects more random and subtle. My eyes were opened to a whole new aesthetic.  My work has grown in ways that would not have been possible with gas firing.  Attending firings and making new work to offer up to the 100 hour firing has become the high point of my year.